Christmas Bundle Family Pack


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Lagu Grande

Lagu is the world’s first beach-friendly beach blanket, and it now comes in a grander size, which you can share with a fellow beach lover! Still with made the same sand-repellant fabric and in the same colors as the regular-sized Lagu, this beach essential is now an online exclusive to be enjoyed by each and every beachgoer.

Kiddie Tank

Let the fun begin with the Lagu Kids’ Sea Creature Tank Tops! Our kiddie tank top is made with a soft and light fabric that is cool to the skin, making it perfect for your beach trip with the kids or a quick dip in the pool.
Kiddie Poncho
Each kiddie poncho is made with the same sand-repellant quick dry fabric that was designed to be beach friendly and kid-friendly at the same time.

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Sol, Violeta, Azure, Vino, Pino, Aguamarino, Naranja, Rosa

Kiddie Poncho

Serena, Flojo

Kiddie Tank

Serena (S), Serena (M), Serena (L), Cangrejo (S), Cangrejo (M), Cangrejo (L), Flojo (S), Flojo (M), Flojo (L)

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